Villard de Lans, Vercors

Villard de Lans is a charming mountain town in the heart of the Vercors Regional Nature Park, located at the foot of the Grande Moucherolle (2285m). Its central location in the Vercors, warm atmosphere, exceptional climate and its ski lift network have made Villard the largest destination in the Vercors thus providing you and your family a variety of hotel, restaurant and entertainment options for your GFNY race week experience.
The Vercors Regional Nature Park is an outdoors lover’s dream due to its natural features like tall limestone cliffs, deep gorges, caves, high plateaus, green valleys, mountain pastures, and great biodiversity of fauna and flora. The Vercors’ high cliffs from the massif dominate the valley below, providing awe-inspiring views.
Enjoy the cycling on the spectacular and daring roads of the Vercors! These stunning roads were cut out from the cliffside and the exceptional panoramas they offer have made the Vercors famous.
A popular outdoors destination that was awarded the Family Plus label, Villard de Lans offers a vast array of activities like hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing and canyoning. During your Vercors visit, experience the vast spaces where nature and history combine, dive into the underground mysteries of caves, and discover the skills of local artisans and farmers for a trip that will make a lasting impression and a provide a sport highlight of your year.

The pre-race expo is held in the city center of Villard de Lans. Balcon de Villard, a resort located 5 km from the town of Villard de Lans, hosts the start and finish line of the race, as well as the post-race festivities.

Nature and Sights

To admire and make the most of the extraordinary Vercors Regional Nature Park, explore the hills on foot, by bike or by car. Thrill-seekers can opt for climbing, canyoning, caving or paragliding. 
Some impressive tourist roads run through the Vercors, like those of the Combe Laval and the Col de Rousset, or the Bourne Gorges and the Écouges Canyon, which offer breathtaking views. 

Magnificent, stunning, wild...these are the words that come to mind when trying to describe the Font d’Urle alpine meadow.

Pont-en-Royans is a picturesque village with houses overhanging the Bourne River. 
Les Gorges de la Bourne are one of the great attractions of the Vercors Regional Nature Park and have been awarded 3 stars by the Micheling Guide. After the village of Choranche, the road continues on with breathtakingly beautiful views, particularly at the Cirque de Bournillon
La Goule Noire Bridge provides breathtaking views illustrating the erosion caused by underground water in the Vercors. The awe inspiring power of underground water can be witnessed at the Choranche Cave.

Culture and History

The castle and gardens of Vizille are a must-see. The museum, located inside the castle, is dedicated to the French Revolution and contains many valuable works of art and artifacts. Approximately 40km / 50 min drive from Villard de Lans.
You can't talk about the Vercors massif without mentioning its significant historical past. This mountainous territory was a bastion of the Resistance during the Second World War. A number of remembrance sites mark this dark period of history.



Aquatic center 
Unique in the Vercors, take a refreshing break at the Villard de Lans swimming pool. With Inside and outside pools, the aquatic center and its team welcome you all year long!